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Subtle Gleam

blink and you'll miss it

18 April
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Name: Mori Tatsunori
Age: 21

He was sixteen when he left home...his mother cried and called it running away. Mori prefers to think of it as being adventurous. He stowed away on a transport without knowing where it was headed, and drifted through several refugee satellites before he ended up on Tenipuri 5.

It's been his home for several years now, and he knows Downbelow and Brown and parts of Grey like the back of his hand, but he's never seen the rest of the station. His forged ID only goes so far, and he knows better than to test it. Besides, he feels more comfortable on ground that he considers his own. He's something of a street rat, more because he likes it that way than out of necessity. Even on the station, he's a wanderer. He has a few places he likes to hide out in when he feels the need to go to ground, but the most they are is secure sleeping spots and storage places for the few things he owns that he considers valuable.

Owns, is a relative term. He's something of a professional thief, and very proud of his skills. Breaking and entering is a specialty, which means he has basic knowledge of hacking locks but little more than that in the way of computer or tech skills. He's a bit of a mechanic, often a pickpocket, a courier, and general errand boy for hire. Odd jobs when he feels like it, illegal when he doesn't care, which is often.

His main moral code is don't get caught, but he does have a certain sense of justice. He also has a massive crush on Inanna, who he will do anything for; he calls her the Goddess, with reverence and often to her face, much to her personal amusement and slight dismay. He can often be found hanging around in the vicinity of the Blue Angel, and works for Inanna whenever she has a job for him. He stays out of the worst kinds of trouble mostly out of deference to her.

At the moment, he is at war with Security Chief Fuji, on account of the fact that Inanna doesn't like him and also because he feels insulted by the way Fuji responds to his initially (and still mostly) cheerful harassment. He is normally cheerful, in fact, and his humor tends toward sarcasm and dryness and teasing. He's a bit sly, very much a rascal and a rogue, with the ability to be bright and charming or brash and rude depending on what he feels is called for. He's an expert at drawing attention when he chooses, or fading into a crowd and disappearing when the time is right. In general, a scamp, scruffy and scrappy and sharp witted enough to survive in the roughness that is the lower levels of Tenipuri 5. Happy and content with his life thus, survival is all that he asks.

(played by flamesword for tp5)